Dentist Wollongong

Supercare Dental & Cosmetics is providing dentist services at Wollongong

At Supercare Dental & Cosmetics, we take pride in our services, and we ensure the high-quality dental treatment to all our patients. Our team at Wollongong consists of highly skilled experts and experienced professionals who dedicate their time and passion to treating our customers. 


Our goal is to provide quality services for not only you but also your family. Our expert professionals practice gentle dentistry to make your experience with us relaxed and comfortable. 


We offer our customers an array of services with the use of our modern well-equipped clinics. We offer the latest techniques with our check-ups and surgeries. With accurate and concise diagnosis and treatment at our clinic, you will enjoy a comfortable and relaxed environment. 


Our Service 


  • General Dentistry 


It is always advised that every individual must take proper care of their pearly whites. Along with brushing and flossing, visiting the dentist at least twice a year is a must.


Our expert professionals will also give you the correct analysis of your oral health and give suggestions. 


Other services under general dentistry include:


  1. Dental fillings

  2. Checking for gum diseases and cleaning.

  3. Denture implants and denture consultation. 


  • Kids Dentistry 


Kids are more prone to tooth decay or damage than adults as they often indulge in food items that can damage their teeth and oral hygiene. Many children are terrified of going to the dentist hence keeping that in mind at Wollongong, our dental experts create a comfortable experience for children. 


The services under kids’ dentistry include: 


  1. Kids’ General Check-up and Cleaning.

  2. Kids’ Dental Extraction

  3. Kids’ Dental Fillings 

  4. Kids’ Fissure Sealants 


  • Cosmetic Dentistry 


Are you afraid of smiling in front of people for the way your teeth are shaped? If so, then at Supercare Dental & Cosmetics we have got you covered. Restoring people's smiles and helping them in regaining their confidence is our passion. We promise you high-quality service with outstanding results. 


Our services under cosmetic dentistry include: 


  1. Dental Implants

  2. Veneers

  3. Orthodontics (Invisalign and Braces)

  4. Teeth Whitening

  5. Dental Crown 

  6. Dental Bridge 


  • Emergency Dentistry 


Dental emergencies are unexpected and can be very uncomfortable and painful. With any Emergency, you can get relief from your pain. Our dental professionals practice high-quality dentistry, which will help you get relief and analyze the root cause of your discomfort.


The services under emergency dentistry


  1. Dental Extraction

  2. Root Canal Treatment 


  • Sleep Dentistry 


We offer sleep dentistry as we understand that going to the dentist can often cause anxiety to many. Sleep dentistry is the practice in which you will be fast asleep or in a relaxed state during the dental procedures. There are two common types of sedation pain-free dentistry: 


  1. Inhalation Sedation 

  2. Intravenous Conscious Sleep 


Sleep dentistry is for people who suffer from any kind of dental anxiety, fear of needles, gag reflex, sensitive teeth, difficulty in becoming numb from oral injections or any other dental procedures.