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Emax Crowns

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An “Emax” crown ( or Esthetic Maxima crown ) can be the ideal solution for cracked or worn down teeth. What is an Emax crown? The Emax material is a breakthrough in dental aesthetics with great translucency, strength, and a life-like appearance like no other! Designed in Lichtenstein and made right here in Australia, the Emax material is made from all-ceramic, therefore does not contain any metal, a popular feature among patients. Talk to a friendly staff member today, we will be glad to advise you.

Benefits of Emax all-ceramic material:

Look & feel real

Highly aesthetic & natural appearance. Available in an array of colours.

long-lasting quality

Made from state of the art material that withstands heavy-duty wear & tear.


Contains zero metal, offering compatibility with the human body.



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