Implant Bridges

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If you have one or more missing teeth an implant bridge might be the answer! They consist of a three-unit ceramic bridge sitting atop a select number of implants instead of natural teeth. The implants hold the bridge in a stable and secure position. Implant Bridges are strong and durable and a cost-effective solution.

Benefits of Implant Bridges:

same day


The procedure only takes one surgery session to complete.

You don’t have to worry about going anywhere without teeth! 



We utilise the latest technologies, materials and techniques to provide a true 21st century solution.

free consultation

Enjoy a free no obligation consultation. We pride ourselves in giving top notch treatment and the best customer experience.

long-lasting & customised

We use the strongest, most beautiful materials on the market, with customized aesthetics based on YOUR wants and needs.

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Implant Supported Bridges

So whats an implant-supported bridge? 

Implant supported bridges are used to replace long spans of missing teeth – they can be utilised to replace anywhere from 3 missing teeth in the mouth to the whole upper and lower arches. They are a fantastic modern solution which can help restore your smile aesthetics, confidence and ability to eat the foods you love. If your teeth have caused you constant headaches, embarrassed you in front of your family, friends and colleagues or disallowed you from eating all the foods you love, you may be eligible for a special treatment which we like to call “All-On-X!”

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So, what do we mean by All-On-X?

So, you may have heard of the term “All-on-4” – this is heavily advertised by many dentists and dental companies as an ideal solution to replace all your teeth with a fixed prosthetic bridge resting on 4 dental implants. This is mainly because using 4 dental implants is the cheapest option available. Unfortunately, if even one of the 4 implants fail, the bridge will be rendered useless, very quickly going from All-On-4 to None-On-3. That means that after going through the investment and the process of having implants placed and a non-removable implant bridge made, a patient would have to be downgraded to a removable denture because 3 implants can’t support the original design. 

We utilize “All-On-X” which means typically 6 implants or more.

Our goal is to have the most predictable, long-term success as possible, so we prefer to over-engineer rather than do the bare minimum. In a scenario where an implant does have problems, a prosthesis supported by more than four implants can still be maintained and supported predictably and the patient does not have to wear a removable denture. 

So, what are the benefits of All-On-X?

  • 1- Same Day Smile

On surgery day you will leave with a 3D digitally designed and aesthetically optimized provisional hybrid bridge. Same day! 

  • 2 -  Revolutionary Technology

We utilise the latest technologies, materials and techniques to provide a true 21st century solution to everyone’s complex issues. With continuous training, we will always be able to give you the best and greatest of modern dental science!

  • 3 - Customised For You

We apply our ideal design principles to hybrid bridges, with customized aesthetics based on YOUR wants and needs.

  • 4 - Long Lasting

We use the strongest, most beautiful materials on the market, and we don’t cut corners. Your gorgeous new smile will last for YEARS!

  • 5 - All-On-X!

We place 6 implants on each arch of your mouth. Many places only place 4 implants (to cut costs). More implants equal more long-term stability. We never compromise on quality, because we know how important and critical this decision is to helping transform your life!

So what's the process? 
  • Step 1 – Consultation:

Your All-On-X treatment starts with a free consultation. Here we will discuss all the aspects of your dental treatment, as well as take a 3-D X-Ray and impressions of your mouth.

  • Step 2 – Planning and Design:

Your situation is unique and different to any patient before you. We make sure to evaluate all options, and our default is to plan as many implants as possible to set you up for the safest, strongest, longest-lasting design available.

  • Step 3 – Implant Placement and Immediate Smile

All-On-X treatment requires a minor surgery, which is performed right here on our state-of-the-art dental chair. Our expert team offers this pain-free surgery with two types of anaesthesia options. Our first option is a sedation formula. This involves giving you a relaxing medication for the night before and an hour before your procedure, to ensure that you are super relaxed. Our second option is for our resident anaesthesiologist to put you into a comfortable sleep whilst monitoring you throughout. For more information on sleep dentistry click here.

  • Step 4 – Final Restoration Placed

We use the latest and greatest of modern dental science to craft our beautiful SuperCare smile tailor-made for you! Our final bridge is made from a life-like zirconia which will radiate your smile to the world! With minimum bulk coupled with incredible strength and sensational realism, you won’t be able to stop grinning from ear-to-ear!

Congratulations! You can now go show the world your SuperCare smile and eat all the foods that you have been denied in the past!

If this journey sounds right for you, please come have a consult with us today and find out how we can transform you into having a SuperCare smile today!!


We have various payment plans available to help you get treatment now and pay later.