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Sleep Dentistry

Wake up with a smile

Sleep through your next dental procedure with sedation dentistry. Many people who experience anxiety during a dental procedure may benefit from this pain-free dental experience.

Common types of sedation pain-free dentistry:


Also known as laughing gas, inhalation sedation takes effect quickly and allows the patient to be in a pain-free and relaxed state during their treatment.



Often referred to as IV sedation or “twilight sleep”. This sedation allows you to remain conscious during your procedure so that you can communicate with your dentist.

Why choose sleep dentistry?
Who is sleep sedation for?

We understand that going to the dentist can cause great anxiety for some. That's why we offer Sleep Dentistry. Sleep Dentistry allows you to be fast asleep or in a relaxed state during your dental procedure. 


Our expert team offers two types of anaesthesia options.


Option 1 - Our lovely resident anaesthesiologist can put you to sleep and make you so comfortable that you will snore throughout the procedure!


Option 2 - Our other option involves transcending you into a state of pure bliss through our meditation sedation formula. This involves giving you a relaxing medication for the night before and an hour before your procedure, to ensure that you are super relaxed. We then give you an eye mask, pop on some noise-cancelling headphones and play your favourite kind of music so that you can visit your happy place throughout the entire procedure! 


Sedation and Sleep Dentistry is for anyone who suffers from dental anxiety or fear from dental procedures, needles, have sensitive gag reflex, sensitive teeth or experience difficulty becoming numb from oral injections.


We have various payment plans available to help you get treatment now and pay later.